100 Word Challenge: Anticipation


(anticipation of your first time: nothing explicit, please)

Rules: must be 100 words or under to meet the challenge.

Here’s my entry, at 99 words:

We had been friends for years.
But we’ve just never really looked at each other like that.
Not since that night…
She came to pick me up that evening.
I approached her car.
She invited me in.
A sweet perfume permeated the air.
I paused; stared into her eyes.
A cautious optimism returned my gaze.
She smiled at my surprise.
Her fingers made their way from my shoulder to my hand.
My hand was on my lap.
My heart was in my throat.
She held it there.
I approached.
She nodded.
There were no sounds.
No words.
Only... anticipation.




It could have been anything.
Surely, the birds only migrated.
Left for the season; resume worshiping.


So much blood and dread. 
Why me?
Leave me alone, I said!


Gentle, Father and Mother 
Please, be merciful.
No, not sister nor brother.


So many lost, damned, dead.
The cries, most subsided.
I think I’ll just stay in bed.


Gone, at last: torturing, starvation, plague
Everything dies, and so must we.
Dreams, lives, thoughts, beliefs; all so vague.

The worst part? Anticipation.


44 words


Skin contracts
Hair all on end


Thoughts jump
like a frightened cat 
in between measured breaths

- What if?
- What next?

Prosecutor of patience
Competitor of cool

Craving movement


Not yet


That’s hot. :grin:
I like this, Bonnie!

You can really feel the tension being built up in the progression of the piece to the point of holding it just on the very edge. The “not yet” at the end is an interplay between discipline and pleasure that, for me, elevates the tension even higher. Great job.


I stay at watch at night for any threat that might arise
I lay in silence waiting for something to come
With bated breath, I remain in the night
A siren rings
My phone beeps
And the silence I had earlier was broken
Something evil was about to happen
I didn’t know what had happened, but I knew I needed to do something
I grabbed my cape and grabbed my gear, and rushed out into the street
Thoughts swirled in my mind, as I had nary a clue what to expect
I anticipated the worst, but hoped for the best


Thank you! This is the type of writing in which I really feel I excel. Now, make me write dialogue and it’s like reading a second-grade piece of fiction.


Hey well you know what?
That “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series is super popular and the reading level is meant for a young audience.
So after you get rich, you’ll send me like 1% for encouraging you to become a best-selling author, right? :wink: